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You may already be in love with Morocco and its Sahara desert. Or perhaps you are waiting to discover all its seductive charms. Whatever it is, when you travel with our travel agency, you will discover a land of many colors and sites of outstanding natural beauty and cultural diversity. All that we seek is your total satisfaction so that you leave us with unforgettable memories of your stay.

You can opt for one amongst our set of desert tours or day trips from Marrakech that have been selected to offer you the most comprehensive experience. We can customize them to fit in with your particular desires.

As a general rule, we select the accommodation that offers you the most authentic Moroccan experience and that is the most pertinent embodiment of the location you are visiting. These include riads, guest houses, kasbahs, and typical Moroccan hotels…. or a Berber camp in the desert.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our travel agency by phone or email for further information,  a quote or a request for a customized tour or trip. We will reply to your request as soon as possible.

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Top Marrakech Desert Tours

Marrakech desert tours 2 days (Best price guaranteed)

A short but fun Sahara desert tour that is ideal to explore the nature of Southern Morocco. The focus of this 2 days tour is on Ouarzazate and the desert of Zagora where you will experience camel ride in the dunes and spend the night in a Zagora desert camp.

3 days tour from marrakech to fes (Or from Fes to Marrakech)

3 days tour from Marrakech to Fes through the desert of Merzouga is the ideal tour for people who do not only want to see the Marrakech region. Outside Ouarzazate and the desert areas, we will also visit the Atlas Mountains. A must for those who want to see not only the desert areas but also a bit more green vegetation and magnificent mountain views.

3 days trips from marrakech to merzouga

This tour is ideal for nature and culture lovers who do not have a lot of time. Be enchanted by the cinema studio of Ouarzazate, the gorges, the desert and much more.

A camel ride and an overnight stay in the desert will be an experience never to be forgotten. We offer accommodation of good quality such as riads, kasbahs, inns, guesthouses, and bivouacs in the moroccan desert.

Discover the Moroccan cuisine and enjoy the colorful culture of this beautiful country. You also have the opportunity to personalize the tours or to compose a tour yourself.

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Top day trips from Marrakech

Are you in Marrakech for a short time and do you still want to explore the area? Then a full-day trip from marrakech to an attractive city is ideal for you.

Whether you are looking to cool down or wanting to visit a rural area, there is something for everyone.

We offer a wide variety of full-day trips that surely can satisfy your needs.

Marrakech to Essaouira in a full day trip

The ideal excursion to escape the heat of Marrakech. Essaouira is the place for lovers of seafood, the beach and a rich history.

Enjoy Ouzoud waterfalls full day trip from Marrakech

The Ouzoud waterfalls are a small piece of paradise at 160 kilometers from Marrakech. Enjoy the water that falls 110 meters and forget the bustle of Marrakech.

Explore Ouarzazate and its kasbahs in a day trip from Marrakech

The ideal excursion for those who love culture and history. A visit to the most famous Kasbahs and Ouarzazate is planned.

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Trekking and hiking in Morocco

For the sporty types and the adventurers, we also offer trekking tours and hiking in Morocco.

Have you always dreamed of a camel ride in Marrakech, a long trek in the Moroccan desert or atlas mountains hiking ?

Take a look at our trekkings and hiking and start dreaming of your adventure in Morocco.

A camel trek south of Marrakech, a trek along the coastline and a trek through the mountains are all possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

3 days desert trekking

There is nothing more special than a camel ride in the desert. This 3 days trek will enrich your soul.

6 days atlas mountain trekking tour

This trek through the Atlas Mountains is the perfect adventure for sports enthusiasts. Discover the enchanting mountain landscapes and create memories that you will never forget.

7 days atlas mountain trekking

An intensive trek through the mountains that will make you forget the daily city life. You will walk 3.5 to 5.5 hours daily.

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Morocco tourism: Why visit Morocco ?

Morocco is only 14 kilometers away from the European continent, a particularly interesting destination for those wishing to experience a rich and different culture. but this is not the only reason that drives travelers to visit more and more this country.

Morocco offers a range of possibilities to tourists. Its people who feel proud to preserve their Moroccan identity and their customs, traditions, hospitality and generosity, in addition to its heterogeneity, all this allows Morocco to offer unique and authentic unforgettable experiences to everyone that thinks to visit this country.

Morocco is distinguished from other countries by its natural wealth. Indeed, in this country we can find breathtaking landscapes, spectacular mountains, vast deserts and beaches thanks to its geographical location. All these things allow to experement different activities in different cities according to their climate.

In short, visiting Morocco is an experience that every travel lover must do at least once in his life.

Let the travel agency Come to Morocco plan your holidays in Morocco and especially in Marrakech to make the most of these moments!

Enjoy our Morocco desert tours packages

Come To Morocco travel agency invites you to enjoy our culture, the sounds and flavors of our country while immersing yourself among its streets and markets that are in almost hidden villages.

We organize all kind of tours in Morocco; from north to south, from east to west. We make sure to give you the chance to experience unforgetable momments during our special itineraries, especially itineraries in the heart of the Moroccan desert where you will share the life with local inhabitants.

You will travel with a driver-guide who will accompany you throughout your adventure and who speaks a wide variety of languages, including English, French and Spanish.

Please take a look to our Morocco desert tours and choose what you think best for you. Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote if you want a custome tour or for more information about à tour.

Day trips from Marrakech: our added value

Book your Marrakech trips with us and enjoy our long experience at the service of our customers during their holidays in Marrakech. We have gained extensive experience over the years in organizing trips from Marrakech to different attractive destinations in Morocco without any problems and at the best and affordable prices.

Our history of satisfied couples, families, friends and small groups who have booked their marrakech trips with us, has allowed us to establish the highest level of quality compared to our competitors.

Check our selection of Marrakech day trips and choose what you think best for you. We will happy to give you any further information if necessary.